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All About Me !

Hi there, my name is Jo, I am an 18 year old girl from Essex in the UK.

First of all I would like to thank you for coming to visit my web site, it has been up and running now for around 10 months. I am currently accepting any suggestions on what YOU would like to see as I am trying to expand on it. As you browse around my site, you will see information to do with the following things ~~~ photos of friends, adverts of people who wish to advertise their own web pages, photos of my baby son and myself, my fiance, a problem page for anyone who just needs someone to talk to or, if you have something on your mind and would like some advise from another person point of view, then go and have a special look at that one. Last but not least a "pussy" page, not just for any old pussy, but for MY pussy! Hehehe go have a peep.

Ok before you go and have a look around, here is a little more info about myself ~~~

I live in a small village near a place called Maldon in Essex. The village is right next to the coast. I have lived there for around 10 years now. I love to go horse riding and have infact been a horse rider for around 15 years now, I enjoy swimming in my pool in the garden, sailing and enjoy going out for walks. I am quite a fiery person so clubbing, pubbing and going out having a laugh with my mates appeals to me. I am an all-round chatty kind of girl whose personality attracts both loud and quiet people. I have had along my way some right strange and weird people so if your are strange or weird then please donít bother me. :o)

I love receiving e-mails so please, if you are interested in talking to me then send one to and I promise a reply back to you.

If you would like to talk to me on ICQ then my contact number 273202.

Lastly, take care and I hope to see you around sometime.





JOANNA DAVIS ( preferably Jo)


CHAT ROOMS I GO TO :- X-Stream chat

CHAT ROOM ID's :- BabyJo or Sexy_Essex_Girl

I have a Mobile and a Pager if you would like to chat.... only if you are normal though, ask me for one of them. :o)

Web Page Updated on: 30th November 1999

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My Snazzy List of Links

My Homelife
Piccies of myself, my son, my fiance and my pets
My Friends
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Lots of things that MAY help YOU out!
Come and see....peoples announcements, agony aunt page, links to others web pages, business adverts, and my Jokes page!
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