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Aunty Jo




Dear Jo, I am a 26 year old man who has had alot of problems in his life. I havent had a girlfriend before and there is a girl who I like very much. This girl is very popular both in real life and on the internet and I dont feel like she would even take a second glance at me. She is beautiful and very caring and I feel that I could be the part in her life that she is missing. She has been hurt alot in life and has told me that all she wants is to feel cared about. I want to be with her and show her that love and affection but am scared that she is going to turn me away. I have been told that i am a good looking man but I have low self confidence whereas she has alot of confidence. Please can you give me some advice Jo?



Dear Writer, You sound like a great guy. Have you tried talking to this girl? By the sounds of it, you havent and maybe this is what you should do? First find out if this girl is single, if she is then talk to her, tell her how you feel. This girl sounds like she is a nice person and often two people who are completely opposite do get on really well. You sound to me like you are looking for a long term relationship and thats what you have got to find out if she wants. Often people who are popular dont definately want to settle down straight away and want to take things easy and you most certainly dont want to rush things if you get with her. The most important thing to remember though, (from a girls point of view), if you end up dating this girl, tell her how you are feeling, let her know that you care and if you ever have any doubts about the relationship then talk to her and try to work them out. A relationship is something to be worked on by both people, love doesnt come at once, it takes time for love to build so stick with it and give it time and I wish you all the luck in the world my dear. Let me know how things go.




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