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This is my Fiance Barry, better know to you all from X-Stream chat as "thefullmonty".

Barry is 27, born on 24th February 1972 and is a HGV Driver.

Myself and Barry met on the Internet over 2 years ago, and got together a little while ago, and we hit it off straight away, so all you people out there who think that Internet relationships dont work or you cant find love over the net........ you can :o)

Barry moved in with me 4 weeks ago and has taken the role of being a daddy to my 7 month old son Michael.

Barry has two children of his own, a 4 year old son called Paul and a 8 month old daughter called Sophie.

The pictures that you can see on this page were taken before Barry had his hair cut, a couple of weeks ago he had a no.2 hair hut so as you can imagine, it is alot shorter now :o) Recent photos are being developed at the moment and will be up sometime over the next week. :o)

Barry isn't as evil as he may look in these piccies, although from what I have been told if he is crossed then he has a very different side to him.

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