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Jo's Mates Links !!!

Bill's Web Page
All about me.......come have a peek! E-MAIL.....
Daniel's Web Page
Come and find out more about me!!! E-MAIL.....
John's Web Page
Come on everyone, come find out more!
Stephen's 1st Web Page
Want to know more..... well come have a look then! E-MAIL.....
Stephen's 2nd Web Page
Come and have a look and see what you can get E-MAIL.....
Dans Site
Real BTEC 6 aside web page
Rocky's Page!!!
If you want to know what it is all about....... then go have a look!
Ian's Page!!!
Come and find out all about me.
The No Messin Forum
Go and have a look in the No Messin' Forum
Have a look and see how you can help
Polaris (Hysteria) Web Page
Find out all about Dave

My Snazzy List of Links

Jo's Front Page
All about me and how to get hold of me
Horsey People's Site
Only Horse lovers will be interested in this site.
Jo's Mates Photos
Page for anyone to advertise their face!
So many shows offs and not enough room!
Be heard!
Whatever u want to say....... just say it!
Er....... My Pussy ?
LOL go have a look



This page is specifically for all you people who come to my web page.

Send me an e-mail to and let me put a little "clip" up about you. You can either advertise you own web page.... strut yourself.......or send me a piccy to put on my friends page, its completely up to you..... write to me and let me know what YOU would like to see up here!




My adverts page has been visited times by some right show offs!

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